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Jackie Pirtle-Hall

Coach.Trainer. Athlete.

"AND I'm not trying to complicate the simple prescriptions for adaptation- your life is not always simple - neither is your actual running log. I care about YOU -finding solutions, modifications, or just pushing you when that's needed too!"

WHY JPH Coaching?  

Running is the great equalizer! We are all out on the course giving our effort- whether you come in 1st or last place.
Running is inclusive and for anyone who strives to move towards an audacious goal - it's challenging for EVERYBODY! And that is where the magic lies! I was not always the best athlete, but I have always been a student of my sport. When I listen to YOU, I get to know you, what training theory, program, or approach to try on within the reality that is your life and your goals. I have been running for over 30 years and have seen all aspects of this sport. From the 100 meters to the 50 mile; from post injury to multiple course records; from competitive to relaxed: I've experienced, witnessed, and tried it all. Ive worked very closely with many runners with sports and behavioral 
psychology with a degree in Professional counseling. Bottom line, no one really knows your story, share it with me and let's get you to the ongoing destination that is forward movement in this one life. 

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Hire a personal coach if:

  • You lose motivation 

  • You are inconsistent

  • You keep getting injured

  • You are not a robot so an online or book training programs always seems to leave you guessing when life happens. 

  • You have questions as to why you are doing what you are doing.

  • You’re unsure if you have the right plan.

  • You have no idea how to fuel in and around your running prescriptions. 

  • You feel isolated or bored.

  • Your fitness is  plateauing.

  • Your current training is not yielding the adaptations expected.

  • You are experiencing hormonal changes and need prescriptions based on your cycle, pre, post menopause or developing females experiencing growth spurts or deficiencies.

Accomplish YOUR Goals:

You'll improve your endurance with progressing long runs and boosting your stamina and speed with my individual programs and workouts. I am a huge fan of plans that get you ready for YOUR goal PACE, so you will perform several  pace workouts so you can practice dialing in your race day pace. I also include  simulation runs over similar  course terrain and elevations as your race course to make sure your body is ready.

You are the only YOU!

"So when I talk with you, and get to know YOU, I can create the masterpiece that is YOUR training plan which will evolve through your journey and life. Let me blend science based training, philosophy, and psychology to fit your unique needs: socially, physically, mentally, emotionally"


This makes all the difference in your contentment and long term growth in this process. I know it did for me reducing a 3:16 to over 6 xs 2:40 in the marathon by working with my coach Sheldon Webster:I don't think anyone had the same plan as me -even me from training cycle to cycle- but it was perfect for me at each level and time!

Check out my blogs, especially the Female Endurance runner tab. I share interviews with experts and enthusiasts in our sport. Here I share my passion, expertise, and adventures. Fierce. Fast. Free. has many meanings depending upon  the path I am on in my athletic  journey. Whether I am pushing my physical limits, exploring new trails, or learning my mental strength in the weight room- I am fiercely running towards new adventures-opening new doors in life-sometimes fast, sometimes slow- always feeling most alive in my truth.  Running and Strength are my freedom. But with that comes obstacles, challenges, and uncertainty. The level of self reflection and growth I have experienced all comes from these experiences, and I wouldn't change any of it! This life moves swifter than a fresh pair of legs, so go after your dreams, feel the sting, keep showing up in the capacity your body and mind need and reap the benefits of true self actualization. Feel all the intense emotions and exhilarations by moving this body forward: Trust. Friendship. Freedom. Happy running.


St. Charles, Missouri, USA


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